People come to recovery with a desire to change their lives, to choose their future according to their physical, psychological and emotional conditions. With guidance from people with experience in recovery. They choose the program that will best support their recovery.

They choose to become involved in activities that improve their physical strength and allow them to regain their emotional balance to enable them to rejoin the workforce and society. Oasis utilizes a Social Model Program (SMP), defined as being "developed by practitioners who were, for the most part, recovering alcoholics themselves without formal training in helping profession" (as cited in Barrows, 1998, p55). In 1992, the Oasis Movement was formed by a group of recovering individuals as a place for people in recovery to find support in the 12-step community, and socialize in a safe and supportive environment.


Many in addiction rcovery recovery wanted a place to congregate and did not want to return to the "bar scene", hence the creation of the Metro Oasis Club. 23 years later, Oasis Addiction Recovery Society welcomes over 700 recovering addicts per year. Females represent over 40% of our membership and new Canadians have been a growing group in recent years.

The Oasis support model incorporates social integration, employment focused services, 12-step support and community involvement as a means to achieving economic independence, ongoing recovery and self-efficacy for its members.


(A message from the Oasis Staff)