“When people are grateful for what they have, they will experience a great deal of happiness in their life.”  I sincerely believe this.

People who constantly complain about or focus on what they don’t have must have a difficult time finding any peace or serenity in their lives.

Gratitude, for me, means being grateful for the little things I do have, and not “sweating” what is missing.  Most importantly, since coming back into recovery, I have reconnected with my family and with friends and former co-workers.  I am very thankful that they stuck by me in bad times (during my many relapses and attempts to get sober over the past two years).

My life is no-where near perfect, but with gratitude comes the realization that if I live my recovery program and don’t worry about what I lack in materials things, everything I need will come to me in time.

Most importantly, I am grateful to be alive.  It was not an easy decision to make to return to treatment, but I am very glad they were there.  At the time, I knew I had a choice to make and I am thankful that I had the strength to choose wisely.  It has been difficult facing the people in my life and admitting my shortcomings, but by doing so, I feel closer to them than I ever have.

Gratitude now plays a very important role in my sobriety and in my life.  I no longer stress out over things I cannot control, I don’t try to plan everything down to the tiniest detail, and therefore I am experiencing a new and amazing sense of hope and serenity.

I am thankful to have “today” and to be able to share the benefits of being alive and sober with others.  It is truly a blessing.


03Oct 2017

THE START The very start of recovery is Socialization at 12 step meetings. The first part of that is finding a HOME group. In effect finding a section of people that will accept you, warts and all. That is they shake your hand and introduce themselves, I hated that part when they asked if I […]

12Jul 2017

Lead by an experienced Addictions Counsellor, the groups include such discussion topics as: Understanding Relapse (how it happens and how to avoid it) Personality of an Addicted (tolerance, anxiety, grandiosity) Relapse Warning Signs (attitude & behavior changes, H.A.L.T.) Setting Goals for Relapse Prevention The sessions are held every Thursday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. in our […]

12May 2017

I personally hate dealing with conflict! It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and like my skin is crawling. I would rather just ignore it or change everything. I had a very bad outlook on life and thought that people were generally useless stupid and selfish creatures who only cared for themselves. Although I am not […]

12May 2017

Commitments, who needs them? Well as it turns out, to have a successful life everyone does. In my life before recovery I had no problem making commitments to other people and following through with them. I needed people to like me and feel like I was useful and I could only do that through the […]

30Aug 2016
thoughts on gratitude after addiction recovery

Every once in a while, I forget to be grateful for what I have gained this past year in recovery and the people who have given me continued support.  I admit it is still easy for me to focus on the negative instead of the positive. One day this past week, I sat down and […]

04Jul 2016
Finding Happiness

Coming into recovery gives all of us a chance to turn our lives around. It certainly did for me. For a long time, alcohol was the only thing that made me happy or gave me any sense of comfort. Of course, it was only a temporary, fleeting happiness. Once I got sober, I had to […]

27Jun 2016
work hard and stay humble after recovering from addiction

It is very easy for those of us in recovery to forget where we came from – we can sometimes have a very short memory.  We suddenly forget how we started our lives in recovery – and those people who helped us along the way. Some of us can even let our ego make us […]

22Jun 2016
recovery takes time

Thinking back, I realize how easy it was to be on what we in recovery call “the pink cloud”.  This had something of a positive affect – it drove my excitement and confidence in returning to a sober life. I also knew that the enthusiasm I had could be a double-edged sword, because it could […]

10Jun 2016
now vs then after addiction recovery

My journey in recovery began a year ago.  The feelings I had then were ones of despair and depression.  Thankfully, I became convinced that returning to treatment was the only answer.  During this first year, I have had a healthy fear of relapse coupled with a very strong desire to maintain my sobriety.  I have […]