Working In Recovery

The Disease of Job Ownership

In the workplace, everyone has responsibilities, big or small, in their particular positions.  But over time, some of us can easily create a type of “ownership” of our jobs.  As a result, we don’t want others to know how to do our job – we may give them some information, but never all. This possessiveness […]

dream of being addiction free

‘The founders realized that meaningful work was a key element in rebuilding individual pride, the human spirit and the will to succeed – to find a better life’. This is actually about two dreams – the hopes and dreams of people everywhere and the dream that started OASIS, for they are interlocked. Let’s start with […]

Most of us spend more time on average with our working peers than with anyone else, and we don’t necessarily get to pick who they are.  If a workplace is to function effectively and efficiently, we all need to work well together in order to get things done.  While the majority of us learned as […]

In Toronto, Ontario, we have an effective system for helping addicts and alcoholics achieve recovery. To help people begin their recovery we have treatment centres, 12 Step programs, counsellors, psychiatrists and psychologists, fitness instructors and medical professionals treating the whole human structure “Body, Mind and Spirit”. These places and people help change people’s addictive behaviours. […]

When it came to employment, I was not shall we say “the best” employee. I was always late, I was always missing days, deadlines weren’t met budgets didn’t balance, tills were always short, sales were low, I couldn’t answer a phone or take a comprehensible message. I also had a drinking problem and mental health […]

I started my recovery journey 23 years ago in a treatment centre, together with 24 other individuals. I remember the discussions we had the last few days – there was a mixture of relief that we had successfully completed the program, and fear of an unknown future. Most of us knew that nothing would be […]

Individuals who have issues with a drug and / or alcohol addiction and want to deal with their substance use, have plenty of opportunities to do so both in Toronto and throughout Canada. There are numerous treatment centres (over 50 in Ontario alone); some are funded by various levels of government while others are run […]