Experience In Recovery

The dictionary defines complacency as “a feeling of quiet pleasure or security while unaware of some potential danger or defect.”  It is a false confidence in oneself. People who do not suffer from addiction issues can afford to be complacent in some areas of their lives but those of us in recovery must never become […]

When I came to recovery, I did not expect society to open its arms to welcome me.  I had no illusions.  I knew how people perceived alcoholism and the addicted. The chaos the alcoholic creates and the resulting damage to society are enormous and costly.  Families are destroyed.  Money is spent.  Lives are lost because […]

MY FAMILY AND ME During the first days and months of my recovery, I had to face my family’s fears and distrust.  My past behavior had such an effect on them that their fears were certainly justified. It took me time to regain their trust.  By the way, I understood their doubts but I knew […]

It is a sad fact that society hesitates to trust those in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions.  For a “normal person”, it is difficult to understand the changes that the addicted has to go through in order to stay clean and sober. It is also difficult for the non-addicted to overlook the harm the […]

Because of past experiences, both in my childhood and in adulthood, I have found it difficult to trust others.  Throughout my youth, I felt that my thoughts and feelings were often ignored.  I was not important enough for others to care about.  In my perception, any emotional pain I might be going through was overlooked.  […]