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We hope this blog will give us the opportunity to discuss and find solutions to issues we all face in recovery, and, through our stories, help others to support their sobriety or inspire those who have not yet made the decision to get clean and sober.

I, myself, came back into recovery a broken person – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  By writing about my experiences and sharing them with others, I have improved my life tremendously, and it is our hope that by actively engaging those in the recovery community, others will benefit from those who have been there.

We invite you use the “comment” section below to express any thoughts and feelings you have about recovery we can create an open dialogue.


04Dec 2015

All my life, I have suffered from a need to appear perfect in other people’s eyes.  I thought I had to do everything right in order to be accepted and when something did not go the way I wanted it to, I would get frustrated and angry.   I knew I had to learn to control […]

03Dec 2015

When I came back into recovery after a lengthy relapse, I knew I had to make a daily commitment to stay clean and sober – even if only for that day.   Making commitments can sometimes be overwhelming because there is risk involved.  This risk results in two different fears:  the fear of relapse and the […]

02Dec 2015

A sense of loneliness is often created by a change in a person’s life.  Coming into recovery can force someone to give up their old social circle and end relationships that at one time may have been important to them. Loneliness can strike when a person is alone or it can happen in a room […]

01Dec 2015

One of the most important things we learn in recovery is to listen to others.  When we stop listening to others and only listen to ourselves, we in essence have taken back our self will. When we get clean and sober, we try to surrender our will and we begin to take advice from others, […]

30Nov 2015

Many of us develop some very unhealthy ways of thinking for various reasons.  It is important that we learn to catch these harmful and sometimes depressing thoughts and focus more on the positive. For example, we can be mind-readers – we are sure we know what other people are thinking, particularly about us – and […]

30Nov 2015

Ego is one of the worst “poisons” – it can be more lethal to our well-being than anything else. If we allow our ego to take over, we can destroy personal relationships, working relationships and friendships. An inflated ego has the power to make us see things differently than they actually are.   Ego is the […]

25Nov 2015

Resentments about the past can make it hard to be happy in life.  To hold a grudge against someone is detrimental and when we come into recovery, we need to forgive a perceived wrong-doing against us and stop feeling the resentment. Some addicts and alcoholics can be full of resentments, often blaming others for their […]

24Nov 2015

Since I got sober…… When I get up in the morning, I feel healthy – physically, emotionally and spiritually. My first thought of the day is “what will I do today”, not “where or when will I get my first drink”. I walk with my head up, not looking at the ground. I laugh more […]

23Nov 2015

Since I got sober, I wake up every morning and remember where I was and what I did the night before. I am not afraid to pick up the telephone when it rings and I answer all the calls. I open all the brown envelopes that come in the mail. I have had the same […]

20Nov 2015

Emotions are like the waves in an ocean; calm waters or giant waves, either high or low tides and play an important role in our lives. How we feel can often affect our decisions; both positive and negative emotions can be enormous motivators. Processing negative emotions is difficult and we often put those aside until […]

19Nov 2015

Most people have heard the expression “fight or flight” – it describes every human’s reaction when they face fear.  Often, being afraid of something is logical and healthy because it can help us make decisions about what action to take.  On the other hand, too much fear can be a barrier to living our lives […]

18Nov 2015

When I came into recovery this year, I knew I had to do things differently.  I did have a long period of sobriety years ago, but the concept of spirituality seemed to escape me and I knew that I had to come to terms with the idea of a “Higher Power” or I would be […]

17Nov 2015

Most of us spend more time on average with our working peers than with anyone else, and we don’t necessarily get to pick who they are.  If a workplace is to function effectively and efficiently, we all need to work well together in order to get things done.  While the majority of us learned as […]

16Nov 2015

Everyone experiences a certain level of stress in their daily lives – some stress is actually good for us.  It can be helpful to feel a bit of pressure for increased performance or productivity.  But stress that goes unmanaged can become a chronic problem.  It can lead to negative feelings (anxiety, irritability, fear), thinking (self-criticism, […]

13Nov 2015

When I was in treatment, I heard the expressions “positive affirmations” and “try journaling” quite often.  They were valid suggestions for people like me who suffered from low self-esteem and overwhelming negative self-talk.  However, I personally found that I did not have the patience to sit and journal, and I really could not come up […]

11Nov 2015

It is very common for individuals in recovery to be told that they need to begin living a “balanced life”.  But just exactly what is it and how can we achieve it? Living a balanced life simply means devoting time to each element of our lives that is important to us and enhances our well-being.  […]

10Nov 2015

Individuals in recovery often dwell on their past and it becomes a barrier to a healthy, sober life. They tend to look to their past to define who they are today. But holding on to the past can hinder his or her ability to start again. Yes, it is imperative that newcomers in recovery deal […]

09Nov 2015

Many of us in early recovery find the dynamic of our family relationships gradually changes, and at times we need to set boundaries with which we are comfortable. Personally, I found (and at times still find) it difficult to set boundaries with my family, mainly because while I was using, I was very dependent on […]

06Nov 2015

For many of us in recovery, leisure or free time used to mean a time for “bad behavior”.  It was the time I personally would abuse alcohol. Once I got clean and sober, it became very important to find new activities to occupy myself.  That void needed to be filled with healthy pursuits or boredom […]

05Nov 2015

Humility is often considered a weakness but those who feel this way do not see its benefits. People in recovery sometimes have difficulty understanding the differences between self-esteem (assertiveness and standing up for one’s rights) and humility. Humility simply means showing respect to others and being open-minded.  Individuals who display humility are not afraid to […]