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We hope this blog will give us the opportunity to discuss and find solutions to issues we all face in recovery, and, through our stories, help others to support their sobriety or inspire those who have not yet made the decision to get clean and sober.

I, myself, came back into recovery a broken person – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  By writing about my experiences and sharing them with others, I have improved my life tremendously, and it is our hope that by actively engaging those in the recovery community, others will benefit from those who have been there.

We invite you use the “comment” section below to express any thoughts and feelings you have about recovery we can create an open dialogue.


03Mar 2016

Trying to please other people has been a weakness I have grappled with my whole life.  I always felt that if I wanted to keep peace with others and be accepted, I had to go along with others’ wants whether or not I agreed with them. I have learned (the hard way) that by always […]

29Feb 2016

A common personality trait among alcoholics and addicts is the need for instant gratification.  For me, it became the drive to continue to abuse alcohol, even when I knew it was destroying my life. I self-medicated, hoping that I would experience that instant feeling of escape and that my problems would go away.  In reality, […]

25Feb 2016

This past weekend, I made the decision to sit down and “review” my own progress in recovery. I began to think about the barriers I have faced and overcome, and those I still struggle with. I know from my past experience in recovery that it is very easy to get “stuck”. When this happens, sobriety […]

19Feb 2016

One important thing I have learned since coming back into recovery is that humility has made me much more open-minded.  I knew that I had to open to new ideas and advice from others or my road to recovery would not progress – in fact, I could become “stuck.” I am not saying that today […]

18Feb 2016

I stay sober because I do not want to lose the time I spend with my wife, my kids, my grandkids and my friends. I stay sober because I want to walk down the main streets of the city with my head held high. I stay sober because I want to be invited to family […]

11Feb 2016

Those of us who come to recovery must do so because of our own choice and not be because we are forced into it.  If we are an unwilling participant in treatment or other recovery programs, chances are we won’t be motivated to maintain our sobriety and any experience and advice shared by others in […]

05Feb 2016

I believe it is important for those of us in recovery to stop and look back at how far we have come – whether our recovery journey began yesterday, last month or last year. For me, my journey began about a year ago.  The best decision I made was to return to treatment and try […]

03Feb 2016

Coming back into recovery last year, I honestly believed that the idea of letting go of the past was going to be impossible.  I carried so much guilt and shame for what I had done, the unhappiness I had caused myself and others, it seemed to be a herculean task to get past it. My […]

01Feb 2016

For many years, I have lived my life as if my perceptions about people, places and things were real.  I have learned in recovery that, in fact, they are not. Having suffered from low self-esteem and self-confidence, I believed what my mind was telling me.  Things like “you can’t”, “you are not smart enough” or […]

29Jan 2016

Those of us in recovery often hear the expression “it’s a selfish program”, but if you belong to a 12-step program, you know that The Promises say “self-seeking will slip away”.  What is the difference? In my opinion, we say our recovery program is selfish because our first priority is our sobriety.  We may turn […]

28Jan 2016

A lot of people, in an out of recovery, don’t deal well with change.  I know I’m certainly one of them. I knew that coming back into recovery meant making a lot of changes in my life.  I had to adapt to a simpler lifestyle that is focused on my recovery. Many of us struggle […]

27Jan 2016

I have come to realize lately that a phrase we hear a lot in recovery, “keep it simple” is not as easy as it sounds. Life in or out of recovery can easily get complicated and its up to me to simplify things as much as I can.  No one ever promised me that life […]

26Jan 2016

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had since coming back into recovery is finding ways to deal with disagreements or conflicts with others without getting angry or resentful. In some cases I have been able to avoid what could have become a conflict altogether, but I know that this solution is not always going to […]

25Jan 2016

I wanted to share a bit about gratitude because it has been on my mind today.  This past weekend, as I went for my usual morning walk, I saw many people who are much less fortunate than I am.  Homeless people coming out from wherever they had been to try and keep warm during the […]

22Jan 2016

Everybody needs some self-discipline (whether or not they are in recovery) to succeed in life.  Things that come too easily to us are not as satisfying as those we have to work hard for – that’s human nature. For me, finding the self-discipline I needed in recovery hasn’t always come easily.  When I was drinking, […]

21Jan 2016

People pleasing can be a common defect for alcoholics.  Oftentimes I feel the need to please others in fear of losing the relationship if I don’t.  I will people please to the point of building resentments within myself because I really want to say no instead of yes. I’ve come to a point in my […]

19Jan 2016

A few years ago, I had no choice but to deal with my issues with alcohol.  My family were ready to throw me out so I went to a treatment centre and I managed to stop.  I was lucky.  The treatment centre was based on the 12-step philosophy.  I say I was lucky because the […]

18Jan 2016

When I was in treatment last year, the counselors strongly advised that we continue having a structured routine, much like we had in rehab. I have found that having a routine that is focused on doing positive things has become a valuable asset in my recovery.  My routine gives me a healthy structure for each […]

15Jan 2016

Many of us experience one or more of these symptoms – hungry, angry, lonely, tired.  They can easily contribute to us feeling low or stressed out. Everyone, including non-addicts, need to be very conscious of the phenomenon of HALT.  For me, being aware of them is part of my recovery.  To stay clean and sober, […]