My journey in recovery began a year ago.  The feelings I had then were ones of despair and depression.  Thankfully, I became convinced that returning to treatment was the only answer.  During this first year, I have had a healthy fear of relapse coupled with a very strong desire to maintain my sobriety.  I have used all the tools I had learned in treatment, and while I knew I faced challenges in my life – finding a place to live, finding a job, replacing everything I had lost – I have gone at it with as much enthusiasm as I can muster.  I have made it a point to talk often to others in recovery and I try to continue to attend 12-step meetings.  I have also had the opportunity to write about my feelings and emotions, which has had an unexpected but wonderful effect on my overall attitude towards recovery.

This journey became the foundation for my sobriety.  Now I am working towards becoming a productive part of society again.  I have a whole new career and I returned to school.  I am happier now than I have been in a long time.  My family relationships have healed and we are closer than ever.  I feel satisfied that I am heading in the right direction and that things can only get better.

The difference between then and now is almost immeasurable.  I am grateful to those who have helped along the way and those that continue to be a part of my life today.


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