In the workplace, everyone has responsibilities, big or small, in their particular positions.  But over time, some of us can easily create a type of “ownership” of our jobs.  As a result, we don’t want others to know how to do our job – we may give them some information, but never all.

This possessiveness is usually caused by some unexplained fear.  We are afraid that someone may end up being better at our job than we are.  We may fear that if someone knows everything about our job, they will eventually take away our “power” within the organization, or the job itself.

Based on this fear, we create a monopoly.  This makes us feel indispensable and indestructible – the power is all ours.

But in some ways, it actually makes us vulnerable and in the end a less than satisfactory employee.  For example, if no-one can replace us, how do we make sure we take needed vacations or sick days?  It is not good for the company itself, which must continue to operate even in our absence.

The best employee is one who is willing to help the organization by allowing others to know the job and the responsibilities it carries, rather than those who won’t share this information.

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