Thinking back, I realize how easy it was to be on what we in recovery call “the pink cloud”.  This had something of a positive affect – it drove my excitement and confidence in returning to a sober life.

I also knew that the enthusiasm I had could be a double-edged sword, because it could easily cause me to take on too much too fast – to try to get back everything I had lost in one day.

I had to (and still have to) understand that it took many years to destroy my life – I was on that downward spiral for a long time.  I had to be alert, particularly about my expectations – they could lead me down the negative path of perfectionism and self-criticism for not accomplishing enough.  This is very dangerous thinking for those of us in recovery.

To maintain my sobriety, I know that while it is good to have goals for my sober future, I have to prioritize these goals and maintain a balance in my life.  As we all do, I have to remember that “it takes time”.

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