Experience In Recovery

thoughts on gratitude after addiction recovery

Every once in a while, I forget to be grateful for what I have gained this past year in recovery and the people who have given me continued support.  I admit it is still easy for me to focus on the negative instead of the positive. One day this past week, I sat down and […]

Finding Happiness

Coming into recovery gives all of us a chance to turn our lives around. It certainly did for me. For a long time, alcohol was the only thing that made me happy or gave me any sense of comfort. Of course, it was only a temporary, fleeting happiness. Once I got sober, I had to […]

work hard and stay humble after recovering from addiction

It is very easy for those of us in recovery to forget where we came from – we can sometimes have a very short memory.  We suddenly forget how we started our lives in recovery – and those people who helped us along the way. Some of us can even let our ego make us […]

recovery takes time

Thinking back, I realize how easy it was to be on what we in recovery call “the pink cloud”.  This had something of a positive affect – it drove my excitement and confidence in returning to a sober life. I also knew that the enthusiasm I had could be a double-edged sword, because it could […]

now vs then after addiction recovery

My journey in recovery began a year ago.  The feelings I had then were ones of despair and depression.  Thankfully, I became convinced that returning to treatment was the only answer.  During this first year, I have had a healthy fear of relapse coupled with a very strong desire to maintain my sobriety.  I have […]

Man standing alone on the end of a jetty, looking over a foggy lake.

A lot of people in recovery have an unhealthy habit of isolating – I know I did.  We do this for many reasons.  We may feel shame or guilt for our behaviours when we were drinking or using, we may fear being around people, places and things that could trigger our addiction, or we may […]

Relapse is more than just using alcohol or drugs. It is the progressive process of becoming so dysfunctional in recovery that self-medication with alcohol or drugs seems like a reasonable choice. The relapse process is a lot like going a little insane. The first thoughts that were not ok yesterday are ok today.  I tell […]

I was thinking this past weekend about those people who are newcomers in recovery – I know how they feel because I was there… …I know the pain of addiction and what it takes away from us …I know the loss of self-esteem when we are actively drinking and how much we can be hurt […]

In looking back over the past year, I have come to realize that while there are temptations and triggers out there, I really don’t want to go back to my life before sobriety. The emotional roller-coaster I live on back then was unhealthy – one day I was happy, the next I wanted to die […]

One of the biggest challenges I’ve found in recovery is digging deep and finding the courage to change. It is sometimes difficult to accept that I do have the right to ask for something that I am honestly entitled to, that I have the right to say “no” without a long explanation, that conflicts or […]