The Oasis Movement

Oasis invites you to be part of a movement that helps individuals who have made the decision to be free of drugs and alcohol and integrate themselves back into society by providing programs and services designed to help them to stabilize their recovery, overcome personal barriers, educate themselves and join the workforce by finding viable employment.

The programs are also available to family members and friends and to individuals in need – those who have employment barriers and have difficulty finding a job.


“The founders realized that meaningful work was a key element in rebuilding­
 individual pride, the human spirit and the will to succeed – to find a better life.”

This is actually about three dreams – the hopes and dreams of people everywhere, the dream that started Oasis and the dream to provide affordable education upgrading – for they are interlocked.

Let’s start with Dream #1 – people’s hopes and dreams.  They are common to all levels of our society – a good home, good upbringing, good family values and support, a good education leading to a good career or job, which in turn leads to a good life – marriage, a family, children, happiness and hope for the future which starts the cycle all over again.  But maybe not for all.

Consider two men – or two women – it doesn’t matter.  One grew up with all the perks listed above, went to the right schools, got his or her “ticket punched”, got into a good career, started working their way up, got married, had kids – found the path to the “good life” – but then something happened.

The Oasis Cafe


In 1992, I entered a treatment centre to deal with my alcohol addiction. I stayed 28 days with about 25 other people.­

In the first two or three weeks, I was concentrating on learning about my addiction...READ MORE


In Toronto, Ontario, we have an effective system for helping addicts and alcoholics achieve recovery.

To help people begin their recovery we have treatment centres, 12 Step programs, counsellors, psychiatrists and psychologists, fitness instructors and medical professionals treating the whole human structure “Body, Mind and Spirit”. These places and people help change people’s addictive behaviours.

What is missing is support for people in recovery returning to work in productive, meaningful careers.  ….more